How to Ensure Your Senior Parents Are Cared For – Now and in the Future

In our last blog post, we shared some tips on preparing for emergency homecare situations for aging parents, but there’s an additional factor that often comes into play--denial. Our first instinct when we notice a decline in our parents’ health is to find a way to justify it: “Mom is just a little forgetful; she always has been,” or “Dad may be slowing down, but he just keeps plugging along like always!” It’s even easier to ignore the early warning signs that care may be needed if you live a long distance from your parents. But it’s very important and can often help avoid a crisis situation later to keep your eyes and ears open now to potential problems. Below are some helpful tips to assis

Preparing For Elder Care Needs

In the midst of a typical Monday morning rush to get to work on time, the phone rings – and the news stops you in your tracks. It’s Dad, explaining that Mom has had a fall and is in the ER. And, he needs you to come over immediately…even though you're hours away. When a crisis causes life to suddenly spiral out of control, it helps to have a plan already in place and at the ready when considering how elderly moms and dads are going to cope with sudden illness or injury. There are some things you can do now, before an emergency situation arises with elderly parents, to prepare for both long-term care and emergency situations like a sudden fall or heart attack. If you are part of the "Sandwich

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