Improving Nutrition Following a Cancer Diagnosis

A healthy diet is crucial for everyone, but especially so following a cancer diagnosis. Meeting nutritional needs can help strengthen cancer patients to better endure chemotherapy treatments, protect against infections, keep body tissue from breaking down and rebuild tissue. Good nutrition also helps patients cope with any cancer treatment side effects and may even be able to help them handle higher doses of certain drugs. The recommendation for optimal nutrition for those with cancer who have lost excessive weight from treatments or have lost their appetites because of chemotherapy may be to consume more higher calorie, higher protein foods. To achieve this, the doctor may recommend incre

4 Tips to Make Life Easier for Those with Cancer

When a loved one has cancer, it’s only natural to want to put everything aside and help him or her navigate the difficult situations they may face on a day-to-day basis. But taking on the role of a caregiver can come with its share of challenges. Treatment for most cancers and the side effects that result can be particularly difficult for both the patients themselves and their loved ones, and feeling overwhelmed at times is normal. For caregivers, knowing and accepting their personal limits, and realizing that reaching those limits does not equal failure, is important. Having a support system is part of taking care of your loved one, as well as yourself. If you are involved in helping yo

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