National Bath Safety Month: Here’s How to Improve Senior Safety During Bathtime

How could something that’s so comforting and soothing, like a nice, warm bath, be one of the biggest dangers to the elderly? The truth is, the combination of slick surfaces, slippery shampoo and very warm water create the perfect storm for a fall risk – one of the most serious dangers facing senior citizens. January is set aside as National Bath Safety Month, and it’s a great time for both education and assessment to ensure that your or your senior loved ones’ bathroom environments are as safe as possible. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that approximately 370 people of all ages suffer tub or shower-related accidents every day in the USA. Because most falls in the house occu

Effective Solutions for Bathing Battles.

What feels finer than sinking into a warm, relaxing bath at the conclusion of a lengthy, frantic day? While most of us relish the luxurious comfort that a bath brings, for the elderly, especially those struggling with the challenges of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it’s anything but blissful. For a variety of reasons, such as memory dilemmas, feelings of vulnerability, or physical distress from the pressure or temperature of the water, assisting a senior with bathing can feel more like entering a battleground. Aaging Better In-Home Care wants to help restore the pleasure of bathtime for both the senior and his or her caregiver with these helpful bath tips: Ensure safety. Keeping the show

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