Nature Can Enhance Services for Elderly

Our lifetimes are marked by the changing of seasons, and with each season comes a plethora of outdoor experiences to stimulate our senses. With spring coming soon, we can enjoy the scent of flowers or rain in the air. Summertime is filled with sunshine that warms us and makes us squint our eyes. In the autumn, we can hear the crunching of leaves beneath our feet and enjoy the cool air that brings relief from summer’s heat. And in winter, we might enjoy going outside for a brisk walk to enjoy the falling snow, before retreating back inside from the cold with tingling fingers and toes. As one study points out, spending time out in nature makes us feel more alive. For seniors who have restrict

The Surprising Benefits of Music for Seniors

These days, music is more available to us, in more formats, than ever before. Those with smartphones or tablets have access to hundreds of thousands, if not tens of millions, of songs, right at the swipe of a finger. Family caregivers can utilize this technology as a valuable tool to provide music for seniors that can speak to them in ways that mere words simply cannot. This widely shared video from the Alive Inside documentary demonstrates just how incredibly powerful music can be for older adults, particularly those with limited abilities or dementia. With the wide variety of music available from sources like iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and countless others, we now can discover music, in man

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