Senior Nutrition: A Way to Better Health

Research has shown time and time again that fad diets might work in the short term but few, if any, are sustainable over the long term and most lose their appeal over time. As mentioned in our last blog, March is National Nutrition Month and this is the second installment of addressing better nutrition and the challenges seniors and their families face in maintaining good eating habits during these critical years. Most nutritional and fitness experts say the best diet is one that you can stick to by incorporating healthier changes here and there that allow a person to continue eating favorite foods (with some modifications, like watching portion sizes and fat intake) but with the understand

Healthy Seniors: The Case for Eating Well

March is National Nutrition Month which makes this a perfect time to think about how we or our elderly loved ones eat. It’s widely recognized that older individuals tend to eat less as they age. One of the reasons is less physical activity but another reason is that our taste buds change with age and things just don’t taste as good as they used to. There can be many other reasons, some serious, but with these changes it becomes even more important to ensure our elderly loved ones get well-prepared and nutritious meals. This year’s National Nutrition Month theme is, “Put Your Best Fork Forward.” The idea is to remind everyone that every bite counts. When you consider that the average ind

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