Vitamin D: How Important Is It?

Taking supplements to increase health, vigor, strength or just to feel better has been a part of the national debate for decades. Nutrition companies, the American Medical Association, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association) and even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have all weighed in on the debate on whether or not dietary supplements are necessary or even good for us. There seems little debate among these agencies that some supplements may actually be harmful and many common supplements on the market today have little or no proven benefit. So when the question comes up during our annual "Wellness" physicals whether or not we should be taki

Is Exercise "Natural?"

We've all heard from our earliest school days how important regular exercise is to maintaining optimal health and as we age, how it's even more important than ever to either begin or continue an exercise regimen to keep up strength, independence and mobility. Unfortunately, as we get into our twenties we slowly begin losing muscle mass, lung capacity and stamina unless we adopt exercise regimens that help us maintain good fitness levels. One of the most important results of the changes that affect all of us over time is the risk of falling and sustaining significant injury in our later years. So the message becomes pretty clear: If we don't exercise on a regular basis (at least three times

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