Sleep Aids--Do They Help or Harm?

Millions of Americans take something to help them sleep and in fact, one out of six Americans report experiencing chronic sleep problems. Sleep deprivation and inadequate sleep is a huge problem in our society today but it's particularly worrisome for those over age 50. The older we get, the less we're able to recover quickly from several nights of inadequate sleep and may even become a dangerous situation if it involves older drivers, pilots or assembly line workers--anyone who deals with public safety or machinery. The problem appears to be that our total sleep time has been decreasing for decades and while sleep medications can promote sleep, they are a double-edged sword. Many of our m

Movement--the Key to Better Living!

Prolonged sitting now appears to be as bad as smoking for many years, in terms of your health. Some of the latest research has shown that sitting for many hours watching TV, working at the computer, playing digital games, even sitting for many hours at school or work boosts the risk of developing disease or long-term health conditions--no matter how long you spend at the gym! But with small changes to our schedules by incorporating simple activities into our daily routines, we can make a world of difference in staying healthier as we move into our later decades of life. For seniors, this could be the difference between staying vibrant and mobile or continuing to rapidly decline in health a

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