Artificial Sweeteners--Boon or Bust?

For many years now the food and beverage industry has touted artificial sweeteners as a way to reduce sugar consumption and cut down on overall calorie intake. The thinking has been that if Americans cut sugar out of their diets to a large degree, obesity, diabetes, high triglycerides (fats in the blood) and a host of other diseases and conditions would be reduced or at least improved. Consequently, diet sodas, low-sugar snacks and many other foods came on the market over the past several decades as "healthy" alternatives to high-sugar, high-fat products. The assumption among Americans was that these foods and drinks could be enjoyed without worrying about calories or the consequences of

Managing the Diabetic Diet--Higher Protein?

Higher protein diets for diabetics are being hailed as very useful in managing weight gain and reducing blood sugar spikes, particularly when higher protein breakfasts are eaten. But the latest research appears to show that not all proteins are created equal. It turns out that one food item could be much better than others for managing blood sugar: whey protein powder. A study led by Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz and her team at Tel Aviv University in Israel found that diabetics who drank shakes containing whey powder for breakfast lost more weight over a period of four months and had better control of their blood glucose than those study participants who followed different diets. Dr. Jakubowicz

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