Holiday Overeating--Keeping the Gut Healthy

The holidays have long been known for feasting, overeating and creating special dishes only made during the holidays, the ones our mothers and grandmothers were known for baking from scratch. Delicious treats and meals are a part of the warmth and excitement of the holiday season and one just about everyone who celebrates Christmas looks forward to. It's what helps make this time of year so special for most Americans. Unfortunately, it's also these very treats and rich foods that cause many Americans problems with their digestion. It's no surprise that TV runs continual ads at this time of year for antacids, digestive aids and medications that relieve indigestion, heartburn and gas. As ma

Nature's Cold & Flu Fighters

Most people are aware that many experts recommend a little increased vitamin C as a way of preventing or limiting the symptoms of cold and flu bugs whether it's this time of year or during warm weather. An increasing numbers of studies have found that foods and supplements with high levels of vitamin C have strong antioxidant powers that may make cold and flu infections milder and shorter. And foods grown in dry, arid conditions often have higher levels of vitamin C and other antioxidants to survive their tough environments. But for most of us in the United States, we don't have to travel very far to find healthy options when it comes to finding fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C. Pr

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