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For many older adults, particularly those who live alone or have limited mobility, the holidays can be a lonely and sad time, rather than a time of joy or celebration. Memories of Christmases past when they were active, younger and had children at home and the special moments they created with their loved ones, often come up at this time of year. It can be a difficult and poignant time for anyone alone during the holiday season, most especially seniors who spend much of their year alone already.

For those seniors with limited mobility, accompanying family members on shopping trips, trips out to eat, or any of the numerous other activities that take place at this time of year, can turn out to be more stress than it’s worth. Most simply don’t want the hassles of crowded malls, busy downtown streets and making decisions on what presents to buy for whom, particularly for those with limited incomes.

Making some special time this season for the older persons in your life can turn out to be one of the most rewarding things any of us can do for ourselves and our loved ones. Here are a few ideas that can make this holiday season both festive and easygoing for you and your older loved ones.

Holiday Outing Ideas

  • Take a leisurely family drive to look at the local city holiday lights.

  • Invite (or bring to the house) the senior in your life to come decorate or bake cookies.

  • Help your elderly loved one attend a local holiday party, either at the assisted living facility they might reside in, or if still living in their own home, take them to the local senior center for posted holiday festivities. And join in the activities yourself to make it particularly fun for the both of you.

  • Attend local plays or holiday concerts, even if that means carting their wheelchair along with you in the trunk of the car.

  • Or simply have a mug of hot cocoa at a local cafe, chat, and watch it snow.

The holidays don’t have to be all hustle and bustle. A simple outing is often all it takes to help the older individual feel part of the holiday season. And if you don’t have the time or means of taking your loved one to a particular activity, consider retaining the services of a home care company such as ours to do it for you.

Need more ideas for holiday outings for an older loved one or want to learn more about our in-home care services? Contact us online or call us at (208) 777-0308 in the Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls or Hayden areas, (208) 263-7889 in the Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry or Priest River areas, or(208) 784-1505 in the Kellogg, Wallace or Pinehurst areas. We’ll help you and your loved ones have a safe and happy holiday season.

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