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Aaging Better In-Home Care
The steps to recovery after suffering a stroke can seem daunting. Even the most routine tasks that were once accomplished without thought may now require some modification. And the National Stroke Association reports that within the first year following a stroke, as many as 40% of stroke survivors suffer a serious fall. There are, however, ways to make the home safer and more accessible for a person who has experienced a stroke.

Fall Prevention:

Because the risk of falling is high post-stroke, try these simple modifications for a safer home:

  • Clear paths to the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen can help the person move about safely

  • Consider stair glides or platform lifts if stairs are in the home

  • Remove loose carpets or rugs that can cause tripping or slipping

  • Install grab bars in the shower or tub

  • Use a tub bench or shower chair

  • Install non-slip floor strips inside and outside the tub

Simplify the Laundry:

While we may not realize it, doing the laundry requires lots of reaching, lifting, and pulling that may be difficult for a stroke survivor. The following modifications can help:

  • Move washers and dryers to an easily accessible location in the home

  • Consider stackable, front-loading machines that may be easier to reach

  • Put detergents and other laundry supplies in an easy to reach location

  • Use an ironing board that folds down from the wall

Safer Bedrooms:

The bedroom should be a place of rest, sanctuary, and safety. Keep it that way for stroke survivors with these tips:

  • Install a light switch near the bed

  • Reorganize clothes and personal items to make them easier to access

  • Keep a commode chair near the bed

For more tips on helping those who’ve suffered a stroke, contact us at 208-777-0308 if calling from the Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls or Hayden Lake areas; 208-263-7889 if calling from the Sandpoint, Priest River or Bonners Ferry areas; and 208-784-1505 if calling from the Kellogg, Pinehurst or Wallace areas. Or request a free in-home assessment by one of our professional and compassionate RNs to see how we can help foster your loved one’s safety and well-being in the comfort of home.

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