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AAging Better is Partnering with Doctors to Fight Diabetes

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Diabetic diagnoses are reaching epidemic levels in the U.S., according to the American Diabetes Association’s June, 2014, National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2014, with an alarming 11.8 million senior Americans suffering from the disease. With complications ranging from low (hypoglycemia) or high (hyperglycemia) blood sugar to stroke, blindness, kidney disease and more, it’s critical for diabetic care to become ongoing and consistent.

In spite of a national campaign to raise awareness about diabetes, it can often go undetected in the elderly when few people know what to look for. So often, an elderly individual may not complain of thirst or frequent urination, or even weight loss, which may not be noticied for many months before it becomes obvious to loved ones that the elderly individual has lost weight. Besides regular doctor checkups, one solution to diagnosing or caring for diabetes lies in a partnership between a home care agency run by medically trained individuals (such as nurses) and the elderly person's physicians. It's important that when looking for in-home care for an elderly parent or grandparent, that there is some degree of medical knowldge held by the managers of a home care company.

This becomes particularly evident when the home care agency provides personal care services to an elderly individual who is either at risk of developing diabetes or has already been diagnosed. In-home caregivers trained by medical managers will be on the lookout for telltale clues indicating developing problems with the client's health--and then report those symptoms back to the home care managers. The managers can then alert the client's family and the physician's office about the symptoms and work in concert to get things back under control. This can help diabetic patients optimize their health and wellbeing, as well as add home care to the list of resources elderly individuals can rely upon to help address the increasingly difficult age-related challenges of maintaing better health overall.

A medically trained home care agency can uniquely provide the following services:

  • Diabetic management education and better patient care compliance

  • Reduce the amount of stress in the client's life by being there for them

  • Save overall health care dollars by helping keep symptoms under control

  • Promote ongoing strategies to improve clients’ quality of life

Plus, external environmental stressors can be reduced by having a home care agency arrange for other services as needed, such as those provided by:

  • Physical therapists

  • Social workers

  • Community programs

If you or your loved one has reached the stage of life where it would be a benefit to receive additional assistance at home, consider partnering with an agency owned and operated by medically trained individuals. It provides you or your loved ones with the comfort of ongoing monitoring and in-home care to improve the management of diseases or conditions like diabetes. The payoff becomes twofold: Better care for your loved ones; and, Caregivers who know what to look for in helping loved ones better manage their symptoms and overall health. If you'd like further information, give us a call Toll Free at 866-464-2344 to learn more or to find out how we can help you or your loved ones.

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