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Benefits of Home Care vs Assisted Living

When seniors begin to struggle with the basic activities of daily living – things like personal grooming, dressing, and preparing meals – the first inclination may be to begin looking into assisted living options. But when most individuals are surveyed, regardless of age, they would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible. What if it is possible to remain in the comfort of your own home in spite of the challenges of aging?

You should know that it’s not only possible, but in many cases, it's healthier. Check out our quick home care "primer" below for details on the benefits of in-home care versus moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home.

  • Home care services are provided "one-on-one," that is, one caregiver taking care of one client in the home, assuring much more private attention than the senior would have in a nursing home or a facility. There is no “waiting for my turn” by a busy stressed caregiver typically found in nursing homes.

  • A home caregiver can be very effective in promoting and ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Home caregivers produce healthy and nutritious meals that appeal to the individual and can also keep a close eye on the amount of food eaten and even assist with or encourage the senior to eat.

  • In addition, a personalized, physician-recommended daily exercise program can be started and maintained with the help and assistance of the caregiver, with the added safety of a qualified professional being present.

  • In-home care fosters dignity and independence, which are important ingredients for a happy lifestyle. Home care (in particular, private pay home care) can offer personalized care tailored to the needs of the family and individual on any given day, whether the needs are as simple as companionship or more complex, such as personal care.

  • With the additional benefit of transportation to and from various appointments, social activities or errands, in-home care allows a family caregiver respite from taking care of the elderly parent which then leaves more free time together with his or her immediate family.

  • Private duty, in-home caregivers can remind clients when to take medications.

If in-home senior care is new to you or even something you’ve been considering and would like to explore further, give us a call to learn more about how we’re helping seniors throughout the five North Idaho counties to remain safe, active, independent and thriving right where they feel most comfortable--home. You can reach us any time at 866-464-2344.

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