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Preventing Senior Isolation

Everyone needs a little personal space to get away from it all, to be alone with their thoughts or to stretch out and enjoy a good book. But when that alone time becomes excessive, there's an enhanced risk for social isolation – an all too common occurrence in aging. And its effects are more harmful than may be realized, with the potential to impact both physical and mental health in a variety of ways.

On the other hand, research has shown that staying social:

• Reduces risk of disability

• Reduces pain and depression

• Protects the brain from mental decline

• Increases the quality and length of life

We here at AAging Better work hard to help our elderly or disabled clients enhance their socialization opportunities by:

• Encouraging attendance and providing transportation and accompaniment to social outings such as club meetings, community events such as fairs, holiday activities and parades, plays, concerts, and sporting events, religious services and church events, and for our disabled pediatric clients, ensure they are able to attend school events, when appropriate

• Playing interactive games with them such as cards, board games, and Nintendo Wii

• Arranging for visits with friends, neighbors or school mates, when appropriate

• Providing transportation to an adult day facility or a low impact exercise class

• Providing friendly companionship during family celebrations or vacations for maximum comfort and safety

Family members can help senior or disabled loved ones become or stay more socially engaged and improve their health by enlisting assistance from a home care company when they become too overwhelmed or fatigued caring for that loved one. Whether your needs are long-term or ongoing, or if just a little extra assistance is needed, a loved one will be carefully matched with a compassionate, fully trained and experienced caregiver according to interests, likes and dislikes, and personality style, ensuring a strong bond of companionship.

Learn more about in-home care services by checking out our web site or other home care company websites. What you may learn can be a literal life-saver for both you and your loved one!

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